Stress and a Healthy Diet


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Stress and a Healthy Diet
1 December 2015, 01:28

As the years roll by time seems to accelerate rather like a snowball rolling down the mountain gathering pace and the commitments that consume our time grow.

Aging is the reality we face and we must be grateful as many we all know have been denied the opportunity, the momentous occasions have come and gone our children are born and before we know it they are borrowing the car.

I have come to realise that life at this point is more about the quality and less about the quantity.

We can’t help but observe the varying rates at which family members, lifelong friends and loved ones have aged, we can look at their parents, siblings and extended family and it is apparent the choices made by those who make up our world have accelerated or slowed the aging process. 

Before and after photographs of John Key and President Obama’s time in the top job has accelerated the aging process, which is a strong indication that stress is health compromising. This is generally accepted along with diet, exercise or lack thereof, lifestyle and environment are all factors that impact on the length and quality of our lives; a little of the above regularly is better than relying on a lot of the above when it is too late.

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use, when diet is correct medicine is of no need”

Avoiding the need for prosthetic joints, pharmaceutical drugs and chemicals, getting regular medical check-ups to diagnose early any issues that may be developing is a proactive rather than a reactive approach to ongoing maintenance of personal and family health.

Get to know your body unlike our cars it doesn’t come with service instructions and a manual; be conscious of changes they may be symptoms of something more serious, check-ups rather than anxiety.

Other steps we can take that are generally accepted as support for quality of life and longevity include; avoid toxins and bad habits like smoking, street drugs, binge eating and excessive alcohol, though a regular glass of wine is generally considered health promoting.

Sugar has been villainised of late and the links to blood sugar health conditions and obesity, accelerated aging and poor dental health issues have been linked to the excessive consumption of sugar especially in soft drinks and convenience foods; be vigilant and monitor your sugar intake.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is one that contains lots of whole foods rich in antioxidants and also includes regular consumption of natural nuts and berries. Regular nut consumption has been linked to as much as a 20% mortality reduction, especially from cardiovascular conditions and cancers.


Stress Reduction

Manage and reduce stress levels, money issues and personal relationships are two of the major sources of stress in our lives, grow your contacts with people whose company you enjoy and as Charles Dickens puts it very well in some of his works; a pound income with nineteen and sixpence expenditure is happiness whereas a pound income and a pound and sixpence expenditure is misery; this advice has stood the test of time as relevant today as it was then.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow”


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