Health Promoting Properties of Garlic


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Health Promoting Properties of Garlic

The health promoting properties of garlic are widely recognised and well known. 

Garlic has been used for thousands of years; it is mentioned in Indian Sanskrit records; Chinese recorded its use 3000 years ago. The use of garlic goes back further than this, at least around 7000 years.

In the Mediterranean region garlic is documented in Egyptian records and prized to the point that, clay bulbs depicting garlic have been found in tombs for the benefit of the deceased in the afterlife. It has been treasured through history and has even become currency in some areas. 

Garlic is widely recognised as a herb to protect against heart disease and cardiovascular conditions, lowering harmful cholesterol levels, as well as promoting blood health. A twelve week study over the high risk flu season, showed garlic supplements reduced the incidence of colds in the participants and those that did develop colds experienced symptoms for a significantly shorter period than those taking the placebo.

Garlic may be of benefit to allergy sufferers as its anti-inflammatory properties result in a natural antihistamine benefit, as garlic contains the amino acid allium which when consumed produces allicin, this reduces inflammation mitigating allergic reactions. 

Blood Pressure and Garlic

We have been studying the effects of our garlic capsules on blood pressure; the subjects have been taking 3 capsules in the morning before breakfast, 3 capsules in the middle of the day before lunch and 3 capsules in the evening before dinner.

The results have been very interesting; we have discussed these with our consulting pharmacist and our consulting naturopath, who both agreed that garlic may be expected to normalise cholesterol ratios, blood health and blood pressure. The changes to blood pressure were significant; the systolic reading reduced by 20 mm Hg and the lower reading the diastolic pressure reduced by approximately 10 mm Hg. There were minor variations in pulse rates, as it is generally accepted that pulse and blood pressure are not linked, I can-not comment further on pulse rate. 

Very recent additional information; one of the subjects has had blood tests for cholesterol, he is in his sixties and his readings have been historically around 5.3. The latest reading is 4.2. The only difference to lifestyle and diet has been the garlic capsules; this change is after two months on the garlic capsule trial.