Emu Oil - Natural Support Relief and Repair

Emu Oil - Natural Support Relief and Repair
1 December 2015, 01:12

The Complete Range for Natural Support Relief and Repair

Emu oil is a natural SPF8 sunscreen offering protection way beyond this SPF rating as it mitigates the effects of sunburn after the event, soothing and significantly reducing the effects of sunburn resulting in a tan rather than scarring and blistering.

Emu oil products are very much like a one stop shop for health maintenance, taken in capsule form may benefit cholesterol levels, support weight loss and act like a cough syrup. Emu oil is a rich source of polyunsaturated and mono-saturated fatty acids, it may be applied topically in its pure form or a cream or balm to treat sore muscles and joints, gout and to promote wound healing reducing scarring, stretch marks, bruising and chaffing. It may be applied topically and ingested to ease the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, insect bites and dermatitis also for people undergoing radiation therapy that very often results in localised radiation burns and scarring.

Emu Balm

Emu balm is a blend of emu oil, arnica oil, tea tree oil, rosemary oil, camphor oil and menthol, this is not a product we have promoted a great deal over the many years we have been producing it. It has been a little gem in our range of joint care products that has sold itself and over the years has grown a tremendous base of customers by word of mouth, a product with a track record that is very much worthy of space in our newsletter. Emu balm is applied topically to sore muscles and joints producing a gentle therapeutic warm skin sensation, soothing and relieving pain in those localised areas.

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