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Silberhorn Deer Velvet
1 December 2015, 02:12

Silberhorn deer velvet is produced from top quality A grade untipped deer velvet, it is stored frozen until processed using one of two processes exclusive to and only available for Silberhorn branded product.

These processes have been developed over the last six years by myself and scientists and doctors from Russia and China with input from various qualified New Zealand experts; the processes are unique they don’t require heat or chemicals (as all other processes require), both of which degrade the effectiveness of the supplement. Untipped deer velvet means that the velvet is complete including the tips of the antlers which are the richest source of health promoting actives, the lower sections of antler are rich in calcium and the tips are rich in trace elements, minerals, amino acids and growth factor IGF1. IGF1 promotes repair and regeneration thereby slowing the aging process. What makes Silberhorn product unique is that it contains the tips. Much of the deer velvet sold in capsule and powder form is by-product as the tips are removed.

The Asian sourced deer velvet powder is therefore nothing more than by product with very little in the way of actives to promote health; rather like comparing sausages made of prime steak with one made of blood and bone.

The major reason that Silberhorn branded deer velvet products are the market leader in New Zealand and around the world is the unique super cold cryogenic process that has been developed exclusively for this range of products.

Silberhorn’s range of products has had a long period without significant price rises but with demand from China this has  resulted in considerable price increases for raw materials. There are numerous examples of massive cost increases for maca, deer velvet and many of the other quality raw materials we use in our range of products. We are no longer able to absorb these costs and this coupled with the exchange rate has made it necessary to adjust our prices to reflect the increased costs.

We are constantly receiving communication through the post and our call centre from people who are experiencing a significant improvement in their overall wellbeing, energy levels, strength and mobility also a boosted immune response through the high risk periods like winter and spring when many of us are laid low with colds, viruses and flu.

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