Forever Young


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Forever Young
29 November 2014, 10:05

To quench our thirst for life at the fountain of youth, would be nice.

Many of our products make a significant contribution by providing our body’s with the building blocks to restore and maintain health and body function, reducing inflammation and regenerating damaged tissue; thereby slowing the aging process, especially appearance, (our skin and supporting matrix), joint function and health, balancing immune response.

I am sure many of us have heard the Bob Dylan song Forever Young, of which there have been many cover versions. The concept has universal appeal, but the reality is what we deal with. The aging process is sped up or slowed down by the choices we make and the choices that are made for us.

Our genetics set the foundation for much of what is in store for us through life; I am sure many of you have similar life experiences to myself, some people seem to have charmed lives and others endless health issues. The factors that determine much of this are the choices we make, where we live, how we live our lives and of course the genetics we are born with.

We can’t do much about the genetics apart from lowering the risk of genetic change within our own bodies and our offspring also gene mutation due to exposure to harmful chemicals, radiation, solvents, drugs, alcohol, nicotine; depressing looking back at that lot; this brings me to the next point I would like to explore.
Maintenance of our overall well-being; at this time of year with Christmas approaching and all of its promise, depression and anxiety we need to maintain our overall perspective and sense of well-being. We have many choices over the festive season, moderation or excess in everything we do, the choices are ours. Memories are important as we age, so we need to be a little naughty, balance the naughtiness with the risks.

“Forever young, let us dance in style, let’s dance for a while”.

Relationships over Christmas and the festive season are the source of much joy which slows the aging process, but, unfortunately stress and anxiety are the result of some contacts over this period, which accelerates the aging process. Spend more time in the company of those you enjoy and less time with
those whose company you don’t enjoy. An interesting concept is thinking of relationships rather like a bank account some people make deposits and others are constantly making withdrawals, avoid those that are draining the bank account and work on relationships that are term deposits.

“We don’t remember the words spoken, but we do remember how people make us feel”.

Silberhorn’s very existence and track record for over 30 years is one of improving the quality of life for the over fifties. A point in life when the aging process starts to bite; many of our customers are rural physical hardworking people also many sports athletes including many of our big names. The price we pay doing hard physical work and the contact sport lifestyle, overloading our body’s structure, accelerates structural degeneration and damage; joints and connective tissues the TLC’s (tendons, ligaments and cartilage) are all affected. Nothing makes us feel the aging process more than joint pain, joint stiffness and restricted mobility and loss of strength.

I started using what we all know now as SportsVel around 15 years ago, I was taking painkillers and anti-inflammatories for knee and back pain. The use of these drugs had a definite effect on my well-being both mentally and physically; I was lethargic, lacking energy and my zest for life was impacted. When I discovered I had a bleeding bowel (a result of the painkillers and anti-inflammatories), I realised I had to make some changes. A friend told me about what we all know now as SportsVel, this was life changing, I was so impressed; when the company got into difficulties due to the collapse of the parent company I stepped in and gave back to Silberhorn what it gave to me; a new lease of life, all the staff were retained. Management became stake holders and a Southland icon Silberhorn regained its health and rightful place in the human and pet health maintenance sector.

For food to taste good it usually contains one or more of these;
sugar, salt and or fat.

Our product SportsVel is a global success story, more about our new technology and our new cryogenic process that operates at nearly minus 200 ̊c below traditional processes.