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Omega3 60 Capsules

Omega 3 is the oil from deep sea, cold water fish and contains a marine lipid concentrate which consists of valuable fatty acids essential in a healthy diet. Where fish and fish oil intake is high, as in the Japanese and Eskimo communities the population … Read More »


2 x EchnaMune Pluss 60s

EchnaMune Pluss 60 capsules x 500mg of herbal powder.
Suggested Benefit: Supports healthy immune response.
Recommended Intake: Recommended intake 1-3 capsules per day children 7 years and up 1-2 per day.
Notes: This selection of herbs has many  … Read More »


Collagen Pluss Capsules 35s

Collagen Pluss capsules contain 500mg of 100%Collagen Hydrolysate (bovine) powder. Suggested Benefit: The benefits of collagen supplements extend further than just firmer healthier skin; hair health maybe improved, nails may become healthier and str … Read More »


Dixaflo 90s Twin Pack - Natural Prostate Support

Dixaflo is a natural herbal vitamin mineral supplement containing:
Saw Palmetto which is long recognised for the treatment of enlarged prostate glands and treating symptoms like frequent and painful urination and the relaxing of the smooth muscle at the … Read More »


Showing 4 of 4 Products (Page 1 of 1)