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Silberhorn Natural Raw Manuka Honey

Honey in History

Honey has a significant place in history, in the Bible and the Koran there are biblical references regarding its health supporting and healing properties.

Even the well-known physician, Aristotle almost two and a half thousand years ago took advantage of the health benefits of honey.

Silberhorn's manuka honey is a totally natural raw honey that meets all of the laboratory certified characteristics of manuka honey. A laboratory test result is available on request.  

Manuka honey is distinctive and stands apart from all other honeys as it is very viscous, in its natural state and it will crystallise when cooling, it has a distinct, flavour and aroma.

Take manuka honey daily to support a healthy immune system and a healthy digestive system.

Manuka Honey may also help to support good health and an active life. 

Caution: Manuka honey is not recommended for diabetics.

Note: If the honey has become granulated, it can be liquified again by gentle warming.