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Herbal Products

Silberhorn’s herbal range including Sleepwell, Echnamune Pluss, AntiFlam Pluss, Puff Pluss, Garlic Oil and Dixaflow aid with restful sleep, immune system, digestion, joint and muscle stiffness, prostate support and respiratory wellness to name a few.

For more information select one of the product ranges below:

Dixaflo - Natural Prostate Support

Dixaflo may ease prostate symptoms and promote ongoing prostate health and performance; it is still important to undergo regular examinations even though symptoms have eased. Read more »

Garlic Oil Capsules

Garlic has been used to treat a number of conditions including, cardiovascular conditions, circulation, blood conditioning, hypertension, supporting the immune system and it is considered an effective anti-oxidant and contains anti-bacterial properties. Read more »


Sleepwell is a totally natural New Zealand product. It contains a unique blend of herbs and their complementary health benefits. A gentle natural alternative to help you get a restful sleep. Read more »

EchnaMune Pluss

This selection of herbs has proven health supporting properties. Read more »

AntiFlam Plus

AntiFlam Plus is a good supplement to take with Deer Velvet. AntiFlam Plus can be taken if you have overdone it and are suffering from extra joint and muscle stiffness; it can settle things down again. Read more »

Puff Pluss

PuffPluss has been formulated to support  respiratory health and the maintenance of clear airways. It contains herbs that have been used for supporting respiratory wellness for centuries. Read more »