MobiVel GM 60s

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Deer Velvet and Green-Lipped Mussel formulated to support joint mobility and flexibility.  Green-Lipped Mussel is a New Zealand native high in B-complex vitamins, omega 3 and mucopolysaccharides.

This combination of Deer Velvet and Green-Lipped Mussel gives us a health supplement packed full of protein, vitamins and minerals to aid joint movement and flexibility.

MobiVel 60 capsules x 750mg (250mg deer velvet and 500mg Green-Lipped Mussel powder).

Suggested Benefit:

Support Mobility, aid joint movement and flexibility.

Recommended Intake:

1-3 capsules daily with food Most common dosage is two capsules per day with food.


  • Do not take at night if you suffer from insomnia.
  • Results from taking deer velvet can differ for each person, for some people they can feel results really quickly and others it can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months, it is important to take the product every day to get maximum results.
  • Best results are achieved by taking this supplement 20 minutes before any caffeine drinks, caffeine can negate the full effect of the deer velvet or any natural supplement.
  • Caution: People with shellfish allergies should avoid this product.

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