Omega 3 122s

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Omega 3 is the oil from deep sea, cold water fish and contains a marine lipid concentrate which consists of valuable fatty acids essential in a healthy diet. Where fish and fish oil intake is high, as in the Japanese and Eskimo communities the population enjoys good heart health.

Suggested Benefit:

Assists with normal joint function, flexibility and suppleness, aids normal cholesterol balance and activity.

Supports a healthy heart.

Good food for the brain.


Omega3 122 capsules x 1000mg Omega 3 fish oil. Approximate Analysis EPA 180mg, DHA 120mg.

Recommended Intake:

1-6 capsules daily with food.


  • Always read the label and use as directed.
  • If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.
  • People allergic to seafood should not take this product
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