Wellbeing, Stress and the Pursuit of Happiness

Wellbeing, Stress and the Pursuit of Happiness
28 February 2015, 21:45

As we head down the path of life that which gave us pleasure as a child no longer does it for us; we have moved on and if it involved fats and sugars our society and medical professionals have put us on a guilt trip.

So how can we regain the joy and the enthusiasm that is such a big part of our overall sense of wellbeing?

A number of suggestions might include; sitting down from time to time with loved ones, family and friends and reviewing how you feel, what you would like to achieve and how to
make it happen. For some it’s a trip to the top of Everest, for others the challenge is to get to the mailbox and pick up the paper in the morning.

From time to time it is good for us to look back and pat ourselves on the back for our achievements; it’s more about how we feel about our achievements than the impressing of people you can’t stand with borrowed money you can’t afford, feel good about yourself it’s your right and responsibility to yourself.

"Focus on adding years to life and life to years"

At the end of the day it is said we will never regret the time we spend with our loved ones, but we will very often regret the time we spend at our work or businesses; make a point of enjoying the little things in life; the glass of wine, tea or coffee with your favourite person in that special spot.

Our bodies are unlike the vehicles, clothes, tools and appliances we consume on our way through life, the more we use them the faster they deteriorate. Our bodies thrive on sensible exercise both physical and mental. We are starting to see now how active minds are less vulnerable to dementia, active bodies are less prone to the ravages of cancers, arthritis, osteoporosis and diabetes.

Sensible exposure and exercise in the sun boost vitamin D levels naturally resulting in enormous benefits. A sensible diet boosts energy levels, health and sense of overall well-being.

In summary use it or lose it. Spend time in the company of those you enjoy, laughter is a great tonic, fake it until you make it, we harvest what we sow. If we are down and dour we can enter a spiral down that feeds on itself and drags others down with us, smile and the world smiles with you.