Food Addiction or Eating Addiction


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Food Addiction or Eating Addiction
27 August 2018, 11:14

Food addiction or eating addiction is a behavioral addiction, there are many forms and types of behavioral addictions, gambling, sex, social media, smoking, alcohol, and drugs; they are all linked to the same area of the brain.

The symptoms are very similar for all addictions and involve the same neurotransmitters; intense dopamine signals are hijacked influencing the biochemistry of the brain; there is a considerable amount of research that supports this analogy.

The foods that tend to be the culprits that cultivate eating addictions are the ones that contain one or more of the following, sugars, fats and wheat; highly processed foods that include fast foods appear to be part of the problem.

The foods mentioned above appear to be non-threatening and comforting but they are in fact health compromising when they are consumed regularly as part of an addiction. We may crave them before or after a meal, this may result in symptoms linked to overeating like reflux, trouble sleeping, digestive conditions and eventually weight gain and the onset of conditions like diabetes, heart disease, circulation issues, and even loss of strength and mobility in extreme cases.

Some people groups are more predisposed to addictions than others, a case in point, the obesity epidemic through Polynesia and the alcohol and drug addiction epidemic amongst North American Indians. There are other factors at play in these cases but there appears to be a cause and effect outcome.