Emu Oil


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Emu Oil

Emu Oil is a very interesting product that has been used by Australian Aboriginals for 1000’s of years as a sunscreen SPF8 and moisturiser.

We have a significant feedback from customers with various skin conditions that have experienced a benefit and the interesting results have shown that the soft-gel capsules support skin, joint and connective tissue regions for both ourselves and our pets, as ridiculous as it may sound pets may receive a benefit when applied externally through their fur and also internally via soft-gel capsules. This comes back to the old adage if it supports when applied topically it may help when consumed through the digestive system.

Use Emu Oil to support supple healthy skin and joints, this soothing oil can also assist in the healing of wounds, burns and scar tissue. Emu Oil also naturally contains omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9, CLA, natural antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin A and carotenoids.

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