Aging Process and IGF1 (The Fountain of Youth)

Aging Process and IGF1 (The Fountain of Youth)

As we get well along the path of life it becomes very apparent that lifestyle choices including diet, occupation, environment, recreational pursuits, smoking, drinking, street and prescription drugs all accelerate or slow the aging process. My choice of sport as a teenager lead to significant structural damage and resulted in my involvement with Silberhorn and natural health maintenance products; taking what we all know now as SportsVel. This eliminated my need for anti-inflammatories and pain medication that was impacting on my quality of life and general health. SportsVel is providing my body with the building blocks of trace elements, minerals, amino acids and IGF1. IGF1 is a growth factor that promotes regeneration, the process by which our cells are replaced. The accuracy and speed of this regeneration is supported by IGF1.

The visible aging process; skin, hair, wrinkles, sagging skin and bone density are all indicators that the regeneration of tissue and bone is not a perfect copy of what’s being replaced. Rather like photocopying a copy of a copy of a copy on a photocopier; a little quality and definition is lost each time a copy is made of a copy. IGF1 occurs naturally in many health promoting foods including dairy products, beef and lamb. Including fish and omega3 in the diet also raises IGF1 levels; the benefits of maintaining IGF1 are a slowing of the aging process and bone degeneration and increase in aerobic strength and recovery from exercise, retention of collagen and the collagen’s support structure the elastin matrix.


IGF1 is similar in many ways to insulin, just like insulin the lev-els of IGF1 are absolutely fundamental to maintain and support the body’s function and life itself. It is all about balance, too much or too little is health compromising; the correct balance is health promoting.

A grandmother recently told me of a conversation between her and her young grandson as he climbed into bed beside her for an early morning snuggle, as he looked at her face intently he said, “Grandma, I love looking at the faces of old people because they all have different patterns on them”!!

“Beauty catches the eye, character captures the heart”.