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Tuesday, 02 June 2015
I'm sure many of you share the anxiety of aging and the course it will take as we head along the path of life; we look at those 10-20 years further along the path of life with family and friends and imagine what it will be like for ourselves. — Read Article
Tags: aging
Saturday, 29 November 2014
To quench our thirst for life at the fountain of youth, would be nice. Many of our products make a significant contribution by providing our body’s with the building blocks to restore and maintain health and body function, reducing inflammation and regenerating damaged tissue; thereby slowing the aging process, especially appearance, (our skin and supporting matrix), joint function and health, balancing immune response. — Read Article
Posted by: Silberhorn
Tags: aging
Wednesday, 26 November 2014
Lung function and respiratory health robs us of the puff we need to enjoy life; which ages us prematurely couple that with Memory loss which is another result of the aging process; it’s very often accelerated by the breakdown of our body’s communication network, our neurological pathways (the shorting out of the body’s electrical signals). — Read Article
Posted by: Silberhorn
Wednesday, 27 August 2014
As we get well along the path of life it becomes very apparent that lifestyle choices including diet, occupation, environment, recreational pursuits, smoking, drinking, street and prescription drugs all accelerate or slow the aging process. — Read Article
Posted by: Silberhorn Team
Tuesday, 01 December 2015
As the years roll by time seems to accelerate rather like a snowball rolling down the mountain gathering pace and the commitments that consume our time grow. Aging is the reality we face and we must be grateful as many we all know have been denied the opportunity, the momentous occasions have come and gone our children are born and before we know it they are borrowing the car. — Read Article
Posted by: Silberhorn
Tags: diet, stress, aging